Friday, February 25, 2011

The Rocker

My last chair for the living room (for now. *evil laugh*) Also a CL find. This one downtown. Listed for $45. Fairly simple lines and upholstery as I was looking for. I was hoping that the upholstery was clean and the color in the picture, but was prepared to redo it if necessary. another pleseant surprise when I picked up the beauty and it was just what I wanted!

As you can see the chair started with some wicker mesh filling in the arm space. The guy selling the chair had it out in the hallway the morning I came to pick it up and one of his nice neighbors put a dent in the wicker. He dropped the price down to $25. THANK YOU NEIGHBOR. I was taking out the wicker anyway. awesome.

I got this baby home, took off the bottom cushion then started inspecting the back cushion. This was NOT stapled onto a board then screwed onto the chair frame. This was all stapled STRAIGHT onto the chair. I tried to pull it up and slightly tore a piece of the piping. I promptly stopped pulling at the back fabric and just creatively covered it for painting. When I am ready to spend the time and money on reupholstering this rocker I will take on the project. for now I am content with it. And so excited that all the living room furniture is acquired and done!

The Steal

Since we expanded the floor of the upper living room (creating an AWESOME storeage cubby in the lower bonus room) I have been trying to restyle the living room furniture. With some successful tips from a friend we simply flip flopped couches from each room and got rid of an unsightly overstuffed chair. Now I was on the lookout for chairs to fill my new found space (see previous post).

This second chair I found on Craigslist for $35. I emailed the poster, asked if they would take $25 and within an hour I had claimed it! Thanks to my wonderful mother in law the chair was in my possession within 24 hours. Not bad considering I found it on the Craigslist site two counties away. You never know what you are going to truly end up with when you buy off the classified ads online, but in this case the upholstry was just as described; in great condition.

DSC01857 by shawnag, on Pix-O-Sphere

So all I had to do was sand off some of the gloss and spray on a coat or two of paint. I learned a lesson with this one. I prefer one brand of "flat" spray paint over another. But seeing as to how I don't want to take the chair apart again right, and having three children in the house who climb in and out of chairs with their feet, I know that it won't be long before it needs a touch up paint job. At which point I will make my correction.

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The Story of a Chair (in pictures)

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In the beginning

was a tv cabinet. I know you all are tired of seeing this tv cabinet, the before and afters, and me going on and on about it. But I love it. I have found a new hobby addiction. Ok, so we'll see how long this one lasts but for know I love it, so bear with me!

I thought instead of filling my facebook with posts and posts of pictures galore I'd do this as a blog. I didn't want to add to my Project 365 blog, well, becasue they are different hobby addictions and both deserve my love and attention. So here is where I will be recording my "upcycling" from now on. Be it furniture (given I have enough space, sunshine and patience from Husband), a jewelry box, or a picture frame. Who knows WHAT I'll find to UPcycle!

But to start I am going to add the projects I've done this year.

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