Monday, November 7, 2011

Shoes? No, Hunny. SHOES!!

These shoes are relatively comfortable (they are heels afterall), and pretty standard in silver. But sort of scream Prom 1999 to me. I think they need some updating.

I found some inspiration at Brown Paper Packages with some green shoes she painted black and added a flower bow. So I tried that first, painted them a great peacock color. The color was a fun pop, but still dull. They (I) needed more.

I did a little more searching and found Welcome to My Home she was reading my mind and knew JUST what I needed. Off to the craft store I ran:

After about an hour of Wonder Years and Glitter Glue I could see my visions coming into reality. I just needed to let them dry and spay them with a clear coat to seal the glitter on.

This morning I woke up, ran downstairs to check on my masterpiece and voilĂ .