Monday, June 20, 2011

my small part

In my quest for fresh eggs (read, getting chickens) I've read about rain water collection and decided to take the plunge (haha, pun not intended). I contacted Coke and was able to procure four plastic food grade barrels. The contact at Coke even gave me a tip as to not use blue or black barrels for water that would be going on vegetables.

I then scoured YouTube for some videos on how to make a barrel into a rain water system and voila. Okay, so maybe not voila but I was on my way. A couple trips to the hardware store and a few hours of labor later I have two single and one double barrel rain water collection/irrigation systems.

Sadly I did not take picture throughout the process. Perhaps next time; if I have decent luck selling the two single systems on craigslist.

For now you can marvel at the finished products.

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