Sunday, May 15, 2011

A Table

As I drove to pick up a friend's kids to take to school I spied this table with a little "free" tag attached. How could I not at least stop and take a peek at it! I couldn't resist, it was calling to me. So I loaded it up and brought it home.

It definitely needed some TLC. It looked as if it had been kept in the craft room or garage, and kept a puppy company at some point as well. yikes. I took it as apart as I could and started scraping, stripping, sanding, filling. For a beginner I was pretty proud of the process.

The dog chewed sections were by far the hardest. I took some wood filler paste and just tried to fill and fill and shape until most of the splintery bits were smoothed.

Once the surface was prepared I painted the under skirting and the legs black and stained the top "Golden Oak" I then sealed it with minwax semi-gloss polyurathane and moved it inside. I think this little beauty is going to be happy with it's makeover and new home!



  1. wow! Great job! :) I love a good makeover!
    I am really loving stain and paint these days. Working on a couple of benches with a combination of paint and stain.

  2. Wow! Looks like alot of hard work, but it looks great!